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The OTCE has a new name: Cutting Edge Nutrition and Diabetes Care!*

CENDC issue must be within 1 year of publication. Members must meet the Diabetes DPG membership eligibility requirement published in each CENDC issue.

*Questions about the name change? View the Publication Name Change FAQ

Diabetes DPG (DDPG) has integrated with the Academy’s Learning Management System (LMS) that supports easy access to webinar recordings, quizzes, CPE newsletter articles and CPEU certificates. The LMS connects with the Academy’s online eatrightSTORE to increase awareness and visibility of DDPG’s continued education and opportunity for membership.

Integrating with the LMS allows DDPG members to have one-stop access to their CPE history. Members will find CPE certificates for any Academy CPE items including DPG/MIG items within the LMS making it easier to track history and find certificates.

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The following CPEU Publications are available for purchase:


Publication Titles Expires On Quiz

Cutting Edge Nutrition and Diabetes Care
Expanding the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Skill Set
Volume 2, Issue 1

12/31/2025 Take quiz now

Cutting Edge Nutrition and Diabetes Care
EQUITABLE HEALTHCARE: Providing Inclusive Diabetes Care in 2023 and Beyond
Volume 1, Number 1

12/31/2025 Take quiz now

Critical Connections Collaboration and Coordination of Care for Diabetes Kidney Disease
Volume 43, Number 4

5/31/2024 Take quiz now

The Diabetes Galaxy – Expanding Medication Options
Volume 43, Number 2

5/31/2024 Take quiz now

Overcoming Therapeutic Inertia: Addressing Care Gaps - Opportunity Awaits
Sponsored Insert: Abbott Diabetes Care MyFreeStyle Program
Volume 42, Number 6

5/31/2024 Take quiz now

New Frontiers in Diabetes Care
Volume 42, Number 4

5/31/2024 Take quiz now

The Epidemic of Prediabetes: The RDN's Role in Lifestyle Counseling and Risk Reduction
Volume 42, Number 2

5/31/2024 Take quiz now

Managing the Dynamic Duo of Obesity & Diabetes
Volume 41, Number 6

5/31/2024 Purchase Here

Collaboration and Individualization: Evidence-Based Meal Planning Approaches
Volume 41, Number 4

1/4/2024 Purchase Here

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