Get Involved

Get Involved

Women get involved
DCE is all about its members. It  provides  its members with many benefits and ways to get involved.

First, if not a member, we invite you to join DCE. Take a look at the many DCE member benefits.

If already a member, DCE hopes you are taking advantage of all the DCE member benefits

Volunteer: DCE is primarily a volunteer organization and is always looking for more volunteers. Please consider volunteering. Volunteering is a great way to help DCE become a better organization as well as have a chance to work and network with many talented diabetes educators around the country.

Electronic Mailing List: One of our most popular benefits is our very active electronic mailing list. The EML allows members to post messages on the DCE listserv that goes out to over 1,000 members. What a great resource!

Accomplishments and Awards: DCE likes to celebrate our many talented hardworking members by listing some of their accomplishments and by presenting awards.