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Access to website is provided for two different audiences. The audiences are members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and regular visitors who are not registered with the Academy.

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All members of the Academy should use their Academy usernames and passwords (as if signing into www.eatright.org) to sign into DCE. Members of DCE will automatically be granted access to DCE member content.

Academy Members should not create new accounts. You can:

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Create a new account to enjoy key features like market site! You can:


Ways you can contribute to the website...

With the new website, there are several areas that we are depending on the DCE membership to participate and make the website better.

1) Please add yourself to the FIND a DCE RD feature by making your profile public. More information.  See above to the right.

2) Recommend a resources to share with others, both for members and the public.

3) Let us know about any articles that you or other DCE members have written

4) Submit a congratulations and an entry for member accomplishments (for yourself or another member)

5) Volunteer for the Website committee or DCE. Fill out the vollunteer form.

Soon we hope to be able to let you choose which information you wish to display but currently it shows the information you have on file at the Academy.