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Recorded Version: The Evolving Role of the Dietitian: Diabetes Care as a Model for Advancing Your Career

Presenter: Patricia Davidson, DCN, RDN, CDE, LDN, FAND. Credits: 1 CEU, Level 1 CEU Codes: 1010, 1070, 1140. Objectives: 1. State how the scope of practice (SOP) and scope of professional performance (SOPP) for dietitians in diabetes care serve as a model for evaluating their practice scope and professional performance. 2. State how RDN’s can be a leader/expert consultant in negotiating nutrition care plans changes and partnering with care team to assure timely therapy advancement. 3. Discuss how the SOP/SOPP can expanded role beyond MNT a dietitian can perform in the care of a patient with diabetes and how this model can be applied to your advancing your career and practice.

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DCE 2017 The Evolving Role of the Dietitian Diabetes Care as a Model for Advancing Your Career
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