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Healthy Recipes

Stuffed peppers - for Recipe page on homepage


Artichoke Spread
Baked Buffalo Cauliflower
Basil Guacamole
Cottage Cheese and Chive Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
Fig or Date Olive Tapenade with Walnuts
Green Apple Appetizer
Just Right Fruit Salad
Peach and Black Bean Salsa with Chips
Tomato Basil Hummus
Watermelon Gazpacho
Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms


Soups, Stews, & Chilis

Beef and Vegetable Soup
Broccoli and Cheese Soup
Chili Verde Stew
Cream of Spinach Soup
Creamy and Chunky Tomato Basil Soup
Gingered Carrot Soup
Kale and Chicken Sausage Soup
“Jentil” Soup (Lentil, Zucchini, Tomato and Spinach Soup)
Pao's Asparagus Soup
Rainbow Vegetable Chili
Speedy Black Bean Soup
Spice Squash, Chickpea, Kale, and Lentil Stew
Split Pea Soup
Thai Coconut Curry Carrot Soup
Tomato Mushroom Soup
White Chicken Chili
Yellow Split Pea Soup
Zucchini Soup


Chile Verde Sauce

Salads & Salad Dressings

Apple Apricot Waldorf Salad
Caprese Salad
Citrus Salad
Curry Chicken Salad
French Lentil Salad with Cherry Tomatoes
Gabby's Winter Powerhouse Salad with Citrus Honey Mustard Dressing
Garden Egg and Potato Salad
Holiday Wreath Salad
Marle’s Lentil Salad
Pasta Salad, Pizza Style
Quick Bruschetta Salad for One
Roasted Eggplant Salad
Stuffed Tomato Salad
Summer Salad
Hearty Bulgur Salad
Yogurt Salad Dressing


Acini di Pepe with Garden Vegetables
Baked Fish and Veggies in one Wrap
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Bean Tacos with Fresh Mango Salsa
Black Bean Quinoa Burger with Chipotle Mayo
Butternut Squash Kibbeh
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Pasta
Cheese Ravioli with Veggie Tomato Sauce
Couscous Wrap
Cauliflower Couscous with Chicken
Chicken Crepes
Chicken with Squash
Chili Lime Shrimp
Chipotle Black Bean Burger
Delicious, Healthier Tamales
Easy Chicken Cacciatore
Easy Ham and Egg Casserole
Edamame with Stir-Fried Vegetables
Eggplant Parmesan
Grilled Pear, Brie, & Walnut Quesadilla
Grilled Tofu & Zucchini with Basil & Rice
Italian Chicken and Sausage Casserole
Italian White Bean and Pasta
Lentil Burritos
Lentil Taco Filling
Mango Salsa with Broiled Tilapia
Mediterranean Wrap
Open Faced Grilled Veggie Sandwich
Orange Chicken
Pasta Primavera
Peanut Noodles with Vegetables
Pesto Lasagna
Pesto Veggie Panini
Pork Tenderloin Scaloppini
Portobello Stuffed Fish Fillets
Quick-Pickled Red Pepper Vegetable Wraps
Rice Cooker Spanish Chickpeas and Rice
Roasted Pork with Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts
Skinny Burrito Bowl
Slow Cooker Pork Tacos
Spicy Soy Sauce Marinade with Pork and Bok Choy
Soy Vegetables and Chicken
Spinach Frittata
Split Pea Chowder over Brown Rice
Spinach Lasagna
Stuffed Peppers
Super Quesadilla
Tortilla Pizza




Almond Cranberry Rice
Asparagus in Pesto Sauce
Asparagus Rice Pilaf
Beet Greens Fritelles
Butternut Squash Sauté
Butternut Squash Soufflé
Carrots with Rainbow Chard
Cheesy Veggies and Chips
Citrus Basil Green Beans
Corn and Veggie Patties
Cracker Sandwiches
Homemade Salsa
Honey Lemon Asparagus
Grape Tomato Succotash
Green Beans with Roasted Red Peppers
Lentil Rissoles
Party Wild Rice
Quick Rice and Beans Risotto
Robin's Sweet Potato Stuffing
Robin's Tabouli with Flax
Seed Loaf
Sesame Noodles
Skewered Veggies
Veggie Combo with Sage and Lime
Winter Vegetable Mix
Zucchini Cakes – Greek Style



Apple Dessert Cups
Basalmic Glazed Poached Apples
Cranberry Apple Crisp
Chocolate Coconut Flan with Berries
Fruit Trifle / Low Sugar Fruit Trifle
Honey Roasted Peanut Cake
Kiwi Krumble for One
Mini Vegan Carrot Cakes
Naturally Sweet Peanut Butter Cookies
No Bake No Fuss Mini Strawberry Brownie Sundaes
Peanut Butter Buckeyes
Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars
Peppermint Mousse
Poached Pear and Cottage Cheese Mousse with Pistachio Brittle
Raspberry Yogurt Gelatin
Skewered Fruits
Spiced Zucchini Bread
Strawberry Cheesecake Parfait
Summer Fruit Pie
Sweet Rice with Milk


Berry Power Smoothie
Blueberry Oat Muffins
Chia Seed Pudding
Corn Muffins with Apples and Walnuts
Crustless Quiche
Date Walnut Protein Bars with Sea Salt
Greek-Inspired Spinach Breakfast Salad
Oatmeal Cookie Muffin
Oat Crepes Pumpkin Pancakes
Savory Cheesy Pancakes with Apricot Sauce
Single Serve Pumpkin Apple Baked Oats
Spinach, Red Pepper & Cheese Frittata
Super Fiber Muffin
Vegan German Chocolate Energy Bars
Yogurt Parfait