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The Diabetes Care & Education DPG and Weight Management DPG Present:

Modulating the GI Microbiome using Key Dietary Nutrients

Presented on: Thursday March 1, 2018, 12 pm CST

This webinar is intended to present to RDNs and CDEs advanced and up-to-date information about the functional roles of the GI microbiome and its impact on human health, obesity and type 2 diabetes management.  It explores the possibility of improving health by the intake of specific nutrients intended to modulate the microbiome for improved function.

Health and weight management recommendations can involve life style changes that are often difficult to achieve.  Dietary choices have direct and indirect influences on health via the role of the microbiome.  The story of the relevance of the health of the gut microbiome to our relationship with food can be a new conversation and a new motivation.  Scientific evidence is mounting that connects the means of achieving a healthy microbiome to important health measures of the individual.  The presentation shares with professionals a novel science-based approach to help with weight management and blood sugar levels. 

GI microbiome anatomy and function are reviewed in order to set the stage in the large intestine, before launching into specific interactions of the microbiota with dietary nutrients.  Next is a discussion of the types of nutrients needed.  To conclude, clinical data testing a combination of specific prebiotic nutrients is presented.  



Mark Heiman

Mark L. Heiman, Ph.D., FTOS 


Muriel Doyle

Muriel Doyle, RD, CDE


LNC & Competencies:

LNC 1 5370: Weight Management

LNC 2 3100: Supplemental Nutrients

LNC 3 4040 Disease Prevention

LNC 4 5190: Diabetes Mellitus

8.3 demonstrates a commitment to maintaining and enhancing knowledge

10.4 applies knowledge of the interrelationship and impact of pharmacotherapy, dietary supplements

12.1 advocates for health and disease prevention.


1) List the anatomy and function of the GI microbiome.

2) Describe the mechanisms of the microbiome in satiety and glucose regulation.

3) Discuss food nutrients as gastrointestinal microbiome modulators.


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