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Low and Reduced Calorie Sweeteners: Hot Topics from A-Z

Originally recorded on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 12pm-1pm CST

Recorded version available here!




Robyn Flipse, MS, RD                                                Alan Rulis, PhD

Description:  Reduced-calorie sweeteners are a hot topic and dietitians need scientifically based answers to the questions they receive from clients, colleagues and even friends and family. This webinar will touch on the “hot topics” or “water cooler talk” related to reduced-calorie sweeteners. Dietitians will learn more about how these food ingredients are approved (including the difference between GRAS and the food ingredient approval process), their use in pregnancy, how they affect appetite, satiety, hunger and how much people are really using. 

Credits: 1 CEU, Level 2


1. Highlight the scientific literature and current recommendations related to the use of reduced-calorie sweeteners in pregnancy, weight control, gastrointestinal issues and more. 
2. Develop a better understanding and thorough knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration's regulatory approval process for food ingredients including the GRAS process. 
3.  Determine the amount of reduced-calorie sweeteners being used by various populations groups and how these groups can fit "light" products into their lifestyle (e.g., carbohydrate counting related to polyols)

CostFREE for DCE members, $40 for non-members