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Become a DCE Member

DCE is excited you will be joining us in our mission to lead the future of nutrition in diabetes care, education, and prevention. Read more about DCE Member Benefits.

There are three ways the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members can join DCE: online, by phone or by mail. Non Academy members can subscribe to the DCE newsletters. Read more about newsletter subscription below.


  • Log on to www.eatrightpro.org
  • Click "Join/Renew"
  • Select Diabetes Care and Education (DCE) from the Enrollment List



By phone: Call the Academy at (800/877-1600 ext. 5000) to join today.


Concurrent membership in the Academy of Nutrition and  Dietetics is required. The membership years are June 1 through May 31st. Memberships are not prorated and are accepted for the current year May through February 28th of each year.

DCE is a dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and  Dietetics   sss s Membership is open to all Academy members. For further information on Academy membership, visit the Academy Web site or call the Academy Accounting office at (800) 877-1600 x4884.

Once you have joined DCE, Academy  will inform us and you will start receiving the benefits of being a member, including back issues of our publications.  Email and website access should only take a few days to start, but back issues of publicatoins maybe take a few weeks. Please contact us for questions.

Newsletter Subscription

Newsletter Subscriptions: Non Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Members (individuals ineligible for membership in the Academy)

A yearly subscription includes 6 issues:

  • 3 issues On the Cutting Edge – DCE’s peer-reviewed publication
  • 3 issues Newsflash – DCE’s “news you can use” publication

Subscription price:

  • $30 (domestic)
  • $35 (international)

Send check, payable to Academy/DCE (please note mailing address) to:

  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
    P.O. Box 97215
    Chicago, IL 60607

Questions? Send email to: LFlanag@eatright.org