Diabetes DPG Webinars

Diabetes DPG webinars are among several other benefits to members. Webinars are recorded and available later for members to watch at their most convenient time. Slides and handouts are also usually available from these presentations. 

The process for accessing webinars has changed for better integration with EatRightPro!

Diabetes DPG (DDPG) is integrating with the Academy’s Learning Management System (LMS) that supports easy access to webinar recordings, quizzes, CPE newsletter articles and CPEU certificates. The LMS connects with the Academy’s online eatrightSTORE to increase awareness and visibility of DDPG’s continued education and opportunity for membership.

Integrating with the LMS allows DDPG members to have one-stop access to their CPE history. Members will find CPE certificates for any Academy CPE items including DPG/MIG items within the LMS making it easier to track history and find certificates.

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For questions about webinars, contact lflanagan@eatright.org

Upcoming Webinars 

Topic Date/Time CE Credits Price
Academy Member/

A Spoonful of Knowledge: Unveiling Trends and Application of Low- and No Calorie Sweeteners
Sponsored by Heartland Food Products Group, maker of Splenda

March 12, 2024
1:00 pm CT, 2:00 pm ET

1 CPEU  FREE / $24 / $54

Managing and Reversing Prediabetes: What RDNs Can Do for 98 Million Americans with Prediabetes
A WM DPG Webinar Free for DDPG Members 
Sponsored by Cannedbeans.org on behalf of Bush's Best

March 21, 2024
9 a.m. PT, 12 p.m. ET

Members Only

Using Trauma Informed Care When Discussing Weight in Clinical Practice

April 9, 2024
12 p.m. CT 1 p.m. ES

FREE / $24 / $54

Diabetes DPG Webinars are hosted by Zoom. You can view the webinars on your personal computer, iPad or iPhone. Free apps are available in the iTunes store

Past Webinars

Note: CPEU opportunity expires 3 years after the original webinar date

Topic CE Credits Price
Academy Member/

Plant-Based Diets in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
In collaboration with Vegetarian Nutrition DPG
February 12, 2024


FREE / $24 / $54

The Evolving Role of the Diabetes Care and Education Specialist/Dietitian as Artificial Intelligence Advances
January 17, 2024

1 CPEU FREE / $24 / $54

The RDN's Emerging Role: A New Era of Collaborative & Empowering Diabetes and Weight Management
Sponsored by: Eli Lilly and Company
In collaboration with Weight Management DPG

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

N/A Members Only

Strategies in the Management of Hypoglycemia
Sponsored and hosted by LifeScan Diabetes Institute
Thursday, October 19, 2023


Stress Management: A Pillar of Lifestyle Medicine and Chronic Disease Management
Tuesday, September 12, 2023

1 CPEU FREE / $24 / $54

Diabetes Technology: The Latest on Continuous Glucose Monitors, Insulin Pumps and More
Hosted by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in collaboration with the Diabetes DPG
Tuesday, August 15, 2023

1 CPEU FREE / $24 / $54

Small Steps Add Up To Big Results: Reduce Added Sugar Intake to Improve Glycemic Outcomes in People With Diabetes
Sponsored by Heartland Food Products Group
July 13, 2023

1 CPEU FREE / $24 / $54

Dietary Fiber: New Findings in Gut Health and Prevention of Metabolic Diseases, Especially Diabetes
Sponsored by Supergut
June 20, 2023

1 CEU FREE / $24 / $54

Managing New Diagnosis in Type 1 Diabetes – Adult Onset/Pregnancy
Sponsored and hosted by LifeScan Diabetes Institute
May 11, 2023


Beyond “Good Carbs” vs “Bad Carbs”: A New Approach to Assessing Carbohydrate Quality to Build Diabetes-Friendly Plates

Sponsored by Potatoes USA
April 5, 2023

1 CEU FREE / $24 / $54

Bringing the ADA Standards of Diabetes Care to Life for Dietitians
January 25, 2023

1 CEU FREE / $24 / $54

Canned Beans Can Do: Plant-Based Eating with Diabetes
Sponsored by: CannedBeans.org on behalf of Bush’s Best
November 17, 2022

1 CEU FREE / $24/ $54

Diabetes Technology: Connecting the Dots for All Patients from BGM to CGM
October 20, 2022


Diabetes Medication Update Webinar Bundle

Part 1: Oral Diabetes Medications
September 15, 2022

Part 2: Injectable Diabetes Medications
September 22, 2022

2 CEU $36 / $36 / $81

Proven Strategies for Providing Inclusive Nutrition Care
August 17, 2022

1 CEU FREE / $24 / $54

Trust your Gut – Navigating Digestive Health Issues & Impact on Diabetes
Sponsored by Sifter
July 12, 2022

1 CEU FREE / $24 / $54

Here’s Looking at You, Postprandial! Strategies for Managing Post Meal Glucose Levels
Sponsored and hosted by LifeScan Diabetes
June 23, 2022

1 CEU FREE / $24 / $54

Diabetes “Diets” since the Discovery of Insulin—Looking Back, Then to the Future
April 26, 2022

1 CEU FREE / $24 / $54

Student Webinar! Career Opportunities in Diabetes and Nutrition Care
April 24, 2022

n/a n/a
Recommending Diabetes Apps: Secrets To Success

March 29, 2022

1 CEU FREE / $24 / $54
Academy Foundation Webinar: Diabetes Outcome Registry Study Results and Recommendations for Practice Webinar

February 25, 2022

1 CEU Members Only
Nutraceuticals for Lowering LDL-Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Risk: A Review of the Evidence
February 23, 2022
1 CEU, Level 1

FREE / $24 / $54

Revolutionizing the Management of Your Patients With CKD at Risk of Progression, With or Without T2D
Sponsored by AstraZeneca
December 7, 2021
This webinar is educational in nature. CPEU credit is not available for this program.


Open the Possibilities: Lifting the Lid on the Role of Canned Beans in the Prevention and Management of Diabetes
Sponsored by CannedBeans.org
October 26, 2021

1 CEU, Level 1

FREE / $24 / $54

Establishing Your Value: Why Payment and Advocacy Matter
September 29, 2021

1 CEU, Level 1

FREE / $24 / $54

Building a Virtual Care Model with Remote Monitoring and Population Health
June 30, 2021

1 CEU, Level 1

FREE / $24 / $54

Top 10 Dietary Strategies for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
May 19, 2021

1 CEU, Level 2

FREE / $24 / $54

For questions about webinars, contact lflanagan@eatright.org.