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DCE Industry Partnership Opportunities


DCE offers many opportunities for industry sponsorship to develop working relationships with over 6,500 registered dietitians (RD) / Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN), and dietetic technicians registered (DTR), working in the prevention, treatment and management of prediabetes and diabetes. 

Learn more about the influence and reach of RD/RDNs here.

Some key areas for collaboration include:


Member Communications and Tools

·         Newsletters

·         Reproducible Patient Education Handouts

·         Focus Group with Key Thought Leaders

·         Educational Materials Development

Professional Development

·         Educational Webinars

·         Strategic Planning Meeting

·         Leadership Training Retreat

Awards and Honors

·         Member Recognition

·         Education Scholarship

·         Speaker Stipend


Networking Events

·         Membership Networking Receptions

·         Awards Breakfast

Learn more: DCE Industry Sponsorship Opportunities and 2018-2019 Corporate Sponsors List.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact DCE's Manager, Linda Flanagan Vahl at lflanagan@eatright.org or 312-899-4725.