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Future of Diabetes

News about upcoming or proposed projects related to diabetes



4/5/2016 Insulin prices have skyrocketed, putting drug makers on the defensive


4/5/2016 Endo: Farxiga Proves Effective in T1D, But Is It Safe?


4/1/2016 The Bionic Pancreas is Getting Closer to Reality


3/23/2016 Medicare Proposal Takes Aim at Diabetes


3/22/2016 Controlling Diabetes with a Skin Patch


3/18/2016 Artificial Pancreas Success in Type 1 Diabetes in Pregnancy


3/9/2016 JAMA study is the latest to examine health app privacy policies


2/4/2016 Abbott snags CE mark for continuous glucose monitor for kids


2/1/2016 Closed-Loop Diabetes Tech Update: iLET, Bigfoot, TypeZero, and More!


1/25/2016 No more insulin injections? Encapsulated pancreatic cells offer possible new diabetes treatment


1/21/2016 Senseonics Announces Start of PRECISE II U.S. Trial of Long-Term CGM


1/12/2016 Future Diabetes Gadgets, as Seen at CES 2016


1/9/2016 Artificial smartphone "pancreas" automatically controls type 1 diabetes


1/7/2016 Medtronic, IBM Watson reveal protoype of diabetes app to predict low blood sugar


1/6/2016 Insulet partners with Glooko as its preferred data managment program for OmniPod patients and healthcare providers


1/4/2016 Diabetes Tips and Tricks for Continuous Glucose Monitoring


12/21/2015 Automating Diabetes Care in Hospitals


11/19/2015 Judge: Medicare Must Cover CGM for T1D Patient


11/10/2015 Bionic Pancreas Becomes iLET for Automating Diabetes Care


11/9/2015 Association of Early Exposure of Probiotics and Islet Autoimmunity in the TEDDY Study


11/3/2015 What's Next for Google in Diabetes? New CEO Dr. Andy Conrad Provides a Glimpse


10/26/2015 Diabetes Devices and Cybersecurity


10/13/2015 Deloitte: Consumers using more healthcare technology; 'Healthcare is becoming more digitized and consumer oriented'


10/13/2015 Artificial pancreas safe and effective for home use, study finds


10/8/2015 Two New Diabetes Apps: Easycarb and InRange


9/28/2015 AkibaH: Building A Glucose Meter and Supplies into Your Smartphone Case


9/28/2015 Kaleido: New Colorful Hybrid Insulin Pump


9/25/2015 New classification approach developed for Type 1 diabetes screening


9/22/2015 A text message a day may keep the doctor away


8/20/2015 New Metformin Could Help 40-Percent of Diabetes Patients That Currently Can't Take Metformin


8/18/2015 Intarcia Announces New Top-Line Phase 3 Results for Investigational Therapy ITCA 650 In Type 2 Diabetes


8/18/2015 GlySens receives approval from FDA to stretch ICGM sensor evaluation


8/6/2015 Diabetes Device Update: Mid 2015 and Beyond


7/14/2015 Non-invasive device could end daily finger pricking for people with diabetes


7/8/2015 Congress gets another chance to advance telemedicine


7/7/2015 Using electronic diabetes registries for meaningful use improves care


7/7/2015 Delaware becomes latest state to regulate telemedicine practices


7/1/2015 Weight-Loss Surgery May Beat Diet, Exercise as Type 2 Diabetes Treatment


6/23/2015 Fitness trackers are hot, but do they really help?


6/23/2015 Smart Insulin Patch Could Replace Painful Injections for Diabetes


6/22/2015 Islet Transplantation Safe, Efficient in Five-Year Follow-Up


6/15/2015 Medtronic Expands Access to Diabetes Device Data Through Agreement with Glooko


6/15/2015 The app revolution for diabetics


6/12/2015 Insulin pump settings ideal for maintaining glucose levels with artificial pancreas


6/8/2015 Type 1 Diabetes vaccine clears first hurdle


6/3/2015 Glooko Partners with Dexcom and Insulet to Add Leading Insulin Pump and CGM Devices to Its Platform


6/1/2015 FDA to spread Bloomberg's trans-fat ban nationwide


6/2015 Helmsley Fund: Diabetes Data Innovation Initiative


6/2015 Weight Management in Type 2 Diabetes: Current and Emerging Approaches to Treatment


5/18/2015 Electronic stimulation could improve wound healing in people with diabetes


5/18/2015 JDRF-Supported Researchers Make Gains in Designing Islet Cell Encapsulation Materials for Use in Type 1 Diabetes Therapies


5/16/2015 'Bionic Pancreas' Research Brings Device Closer to Real Life (requires MedScape login)


5/5/2015 "SmartPlate" uses sensors to ID nutritional content, manage portions


5/4/2015 How Alcon and Google and the data revolution can transform the way people live with diabetes


5/1/2015 Taking a vacation from diabetes: Teens take 'artificial pancreas' for a test run


4/8/2015 Building a Bionic Pancreas


3/16/2015 Experts call for transparency on insulin pump problems


3/11/2015 Harmine drug that restores beta cells seen as key diabetes treatment


2/23/2015 Weight loss pacemaker company Enteromedics gearing up for commercial launch


2/9/2015 Researchers develop "smart" insulin that automatically adjusts blood sugar


1/8/2015 Corneal Confocal Microscopy Predicts 4-Year Incident Peripheral Neuropathy in Type 1 Diabetes


1/6/2015 "Imaginary meal" in a pill could be a new dieting aid


10/15/2014 Drug found effective in treating stress-related diabetes


10/10/2014 Scientists create breakthrough recipe to grow insulin-secreting cells by the billions


9/4/2014 Prickless blood sugar test on horizon for diabetics


8/12/2014 A Molecular Implant for pH-sensitive Insulin Production


7/15/2014 Google signs deal to put sensors directly on your eye


7/15/2014 Calorie counting machine may make dieting easier in the future


7/8/2014 FDA accepts new drug application for novel insulin


6/15/2014 Artificial Pancreas Show Promise in Diabetes Test


6/2/2014 Wearable Technology Saving Limbs of Diabetes Patients


4/9/2014 Intranasal GLP-1 Promising in Pilot Study in Type 2 Diabetes


4/2/2014 MannKind Wins U.S. Panel Backing for It's Inhaled Insulin


3/21/2014 Sanofi launches home blood glucose monitor that estimates A1c


3/18/2014 Vanderbilt diabetes researchers make cell discovery


1/17/2014 Google Contact Lens to Monitor Diabetes


2014 Report Medications in Development for Diabetes