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Recorded Version Exercising on Insulin: Staying in Balance #110276

Exercise is a key health management strategy for individuals with type 1 diabetes, but it comes with inherent risks to glycemic balance, particularly hypoglycemia (low blood glucose). This webinar will discuss the key strategies to exercise success in this population: namely optimizing athletic performance by balancing exercise blood glucose (and glycogen) use and availability and preventing and rapidly managing hypoglycemia caused by or following exercise.

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Recorded Version PCOS: Best Strategies for Dietitians Acitivty #112154

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most under-recognized and under-treated medical conditions with numerous long-term health implications. This lecture will discuss new advances in medical and nutrition management for PCOS with application to practice

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Recorded Webinar: Diabetes Management Strategies for an Aging Population #112860

The fastest growing segment of the population in the US is the group 65 and older. One in five Americans or 72 million people will be over 65 by 2030 and one in four will have diabetes. Given that diabetes is a progressive disease and people with diabetes often have many additional diagnoses with multiple medications, managing blood sugars can become a real challenge.

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Recorded Version: Nutrition Care Manual for DCE

This session includes an overview of the features and benefits of using the Nutrition Care Manual in a practice setting, as well as a review of the recent updates. There will be a demonstration of the sites including navigation, functionality, and topics of interest to the DCE DPG.

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Recorded Version: Living on the Vedge - How Dietitians Can Support Plant Strong Eating to Improve Diabetes Control

A low fat or plant-derived vegan diet offers significant benefits for diabetes management beyond those achieved with more conventional dietary guidelines. Learn about the proposed mechanisms that mediate glycemia, nutrient adequacy, acceptability of vegan diets and how one diabetes practice began to implement a vegan group approach for patients with very interesting results.

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Recorded Version: Diet Counseling for People with Diabetes and Kidney Disease Activity #114515

Many health care professionals, including dietitians, are uncomfortable addressing the kidney complications of diabetes. This webinar will demystify the assessment, monitoring, and management of diabetic kidney disease and describe clinical tools, which are intended to assist dietitians in counseling people with diabetes and kidney disease.

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Recorded Version: Functional Medicine for the Diabetes Practitioner

Join Ali Miller, RD, CD, CDE with a background and private practice in functional integrative medicine, Naturally Nourished, as she navigates complementary alternative approaches in symptom management and treatment of diabetes. In this lecture you will learn about the underlying contributors to diabetes mellitus. You will learn about mechanisms in autoimmune roles, as well as inflammatory roles and how food can modulate their expression. You will learn about foods and additives that disrupt endocrine signals and how to reduce the accumulation of toxic compounds (exocrine disruptors). We will explore up-to-date research on grain products and the role of glycemic impact and carbohydrate load as well as the use of ketosis with the diabetic population. You will learn about symptoms of diabetes and their relationship to nutriton deficiency or treatment approaches with nutritional support. You will leave with a knowledge of how to address the root causes of diabetes using food as medicine and nutritional support to correct deficiency and promote optimal outcomes.

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Recorded Version:Role of Healthy Fats in Prevention and Treatment of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Summary: Dietitians and diabetes educators need to know the latest diet-related research to make the best recommendations for their clients. This webinar will present a summary of research findings to date about the impact of dietary fats and fatty acids on various biomarkers related to heart disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

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